Migrated site to Hugo static site generator

The previous version of this site was generated using the Hakyll static site generator. The new modernized site uses Hugo with the Clarity theme.

org-mode content

The pandoc program was used to convert the org-mode content to Markdown.

3for ORG in *.org
5  MD=`echo "${ORG}" | sed -e 's/^\(.*\).org$/\1.md/'`;
6  pandoc -s --wrap=none -f org --toc -t gfm $1 -o "${MD}" "${ORG}";
7  echo "${ORG} to ${MD}";

Mobile phone

Hugo is very lightweight so I can now update my site on my mobile phone. First install the Termux package via F-Droid. Then you can just run a termux shell and install Hugo using pkg install hugo. Install git via pkg install git and clone your repository. The hugo command compiles your site (see screendump below).

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