A library for development of single-page full-stack web applications in Clojure / ClojureScriptFulcro (by Fulcrologic, LLC).

Fulcro 2.0 is a library for building data-driven full-stack applications for the web. It uses React, is written in Clojure and Clojurescript (so it has first-class functional abilities with immutable data) which leads to a very clean synchronous story for the UI. The result is a stack that dramatically reduces the amount of boilerplate and incidental complexity in your software.


Fulcro is a full-stack library for making data-driven applications for the web. The built-in data model prevents many common errors that are made when assembling your tools from invented or selected parts.

Less Incidental Complexity

Fulcro provides a strongly cohesive story that has many advantages over techniques, libraries, and frameworks you might have used before.

Solve problems

Concentrate on solving your real application problems. Other systems weigh you down with asynchrony, event systems, callback hell, and REST APIs. Fulcro gives you much simpler constructs as a foundation.