N26 CSV to KMyMoney

Converts N26 banking CSV exported files to format suited for KMyMoney import – N26-CSV (by Mari Donkers)

Similar to Rabobank SEPA CSV to KMyMoney but for N26 bank. Do note that for N26 the dot (.) is used as a decimal separator.


The format that N26 (an internet bank based in Germany) uses for its export feature.


The KMyMoney program is a personal finance manager.


A command line converter program that takes files in N26 CSV format and converts them to a CSV format that can be imported by KMyMoney.

The converter program is written in ClojureScript and can be executed by the cross-platform Lumo REPL, which can be installed as instructed here.

The converter program can be downloaded from n26-csv.cljs (the downloaded file can be renamed to anything). If you're going to use the program for your personal finance then take note of the disclaimer in the downloaded source code (it's a quick hack, which I do use myself but nonetheless: caveat emptor).


Under Linux simply make the downloaded file executable, put it somewhere in your $PATH and execute via (more than one filename and wildcards are allowed):

1n26-csv inputfilename

Under Windows execute via (more than one filename is allowed):

1lumo n26-csv inputfilename

Converter usage

The converter program is called from the command line with one or more input files (which are in N26 CSV format). It generates an output file (or output files), which is (are) named inputfilename#kmymoney.csv

1$ n26-csv 2018-04-01_2018-06-30.csv
3    kmymoney

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